People are in the habit of leaving spare house keys on their property for any number of reasons. Whatever reason you may have for doing this, it is not a good enough reason to offset the risk that someone unintended will find it and gain access to your home.

The truth is, the bad guys who you want to keep out of your home are thinking people, just like you and me. And, being criminals does not mean they are stupid. So, it stands to reason that anyplace we can think of to hide our key won’t be so clever that a thief cannot think of it as well. Despite this, people are still hiding keys in some pretty obvious places.

We asked a Lock n more a Fort Lauderdale locksmith to share some of the worst places people leave their keys. If you are still hiding keys to your home, here are just a few of the places to avoid!

Under (or Inside) a Rock

The first places thieves look for hidden keys are close to the doorway. They know that you want the key to be easily accessible for the person who will be using it. So, they start their search right near your front entrance. People have been hiding keys under rocks for so long, even a burglar who was just dropped onto Earth from another planet will know to look there. This includes, by the way, the fake rocks with hollow centers people use. They are onto those as well!

Under the Doormat

It is hard to believe that anyone is still doing this, but old habits die hard. There is absolutely nothing you can do to secure your doormat, and nothing you can do to conceal a key underneath it. If you are leaving your house key under the doormat, you may as well make it really easy and just leave the key in the lock itself.

Under or Inside a Flower Pot

Again, the proximity of the flower pot makes this a bad idea. Even if you stick the key underneath the soil in the pot instead of under the pot itself, any burglar will find it before you can blink an eye. If you have a flowerpot in your backyard, far away from any doors, you might get away with hiding a key there. However, any flower pot that is near the doors will not work.

On Top of the Door Frame

This has been a well-known hiding place for more years than you can imagine. If you are leaving your key on top of the door frame, you are placing convenience way ahead of security, and you could pay a high price for that decision. Locksmith Near Me Open various Jammed door locks without damaging them. Don’t worry when you hire certified locksmith for security task.

A Better Idea

Today, technology allows us to install locks that offer access to people without any keys involved. They range from mechanical combination locks to high-tech smart locks that work in connection with cell phones, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. Some of these locks can be purchased at very reasonable prices. If you are in a situation in which you need to make access easy for certain people, this is a much safer option than hiding a key.