As you everyone has heard the term master key, but what is a master key? If you have a master key then you will capable to unlock numerous locks with one key only. This is very useful for you if you are an apartment owner as you will be capable to unlock all locks from each apartment with one shingle key.

But don’t worry if you are the one renting the apartment then your neighbor won’t able to open your lock with their key and you won’t need a new lock installation.

Before you understand the work of master key, first you need to understand the basics on how a lock and a key work. But the locksmith in coral gables will try to get you understand the basis.

The cylinder block is the most common

Even though locks are designed in different sizes or shapes, most locks have a similar ground concept. There are many types of locks in the market, however, the cylinder lock is the most common one, and you can find this type of lock at the majority of Coral Gables.

Locksmith coral gables is there for you to guide you related a master key.