The locksmiths are the professionals on whom we trust regarding the security of our homes, offices and commercial buildings. As there is an advancement in technology of the locks the locksmith professionals also trained themselves to solve the issues related to their advanced technology locks. The profession includes the art of making unique locks and their corresponding key.

The locksmith profession includes a wide variety of other duties. Their duty varies with the particular work of the field that the locksmith has chosen to follow. Some choose to work in the residential field by replacing locks, make duplicate keys, providing rekey services and open the locked doors of residential homes. While some choose to work in the commercial field.

A residential locksmith Coral Gables always comes to mind when people think about locksmith services. Most of the locksmiths work out of a shop by providing mobile services where all of their equipment are kept in mobile vans. They are easily found and probably provide twenty-four-hour services. Their range of service extends way beyond getting your car door open though. They are even able to make simple and complex keys for homes and automobiles, commercial buildings that will not be easy to break and can also replace the locks when the tenants leave your home so as not to compromise your security at any cost. The scope of the job varies widely from day to day.

The locksmith that works with commercial clients also has a varied job. One day he may be installing a unique lock coded system in a building with hundreds of employees. The next day they may be called for recording the lock for any security reasons. And this work can only be done by a commercial locksmith for best results.