When you talk about the sliding part of door lock repair then the mainly smart fraction is their smooth slide. But if your sliding part does not slide and just a type of show piece then it mere waste. Suppose if your sliding door jumps along with the track when you open or close the door then you can easily fix this issue with the help of few easy tools and locksmith can help you. The mechanism of the door is very simple and the restoring the mechanism is also very simple and the slide of the door are only useful if you are able to lock the door. But if the sliding door is broken or damaged then you can simply repair or change the lock. If you will find the you will simply get this lock in any hardware shop. And if you find this lock then it’s just a matter of 10 to 15 minutes to change the damaged lock. Some of the tips as well as instruction for you given to change your damaged lock.

Remove the damaged or the broken lock from the door by removing the nuts and bolt from the lock. When you remove the door locks then take the removed door lock to the local hardware store so that you can buy the same lock. This old lock will as a reference and will save your time and energy.

Once you have bought the new door lock then open the packing and get familiar with all of its new parts and pieces. This is so because the design and the layout of door locks vary from a manufacture to manufacture and model to model.

Install the locks cylindrical part in the door. Make sure slide the key into the cylindrical portion and check whether it works properly or not.

Place the locks locking side frame inside the door and put the inner side of the lock frame into the door and locksmith Coral Gables can help you. Put the handle of the screw and insert the screw into the hole and tighten it with a help of a screw driver.